Webinar 11: Income Explosion – Turndowns are Nuggets of Gold by Rex Johnson

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 – 16:00

Webinar 11 will provide a new process used by sub-prime lenders to go after car loans. This is FAR DIFFERENT from any approach you have ever used before!

  • It’s easy for the member
  • Car dealers love it
  • It’s great for members who have been bankrupt
  • You’ll be marketing to bankrupts who will gladly pay you 18%
  • Sub-prime lenders have already implemented this approach; they are making more loans, higher yields, and ARE NOT taking more risk This new car loan approach will be easy for you to implement. WE MUST STOP CONFUSING AND FRUSTRATING MEMBERS.
  • Decision making is so inconsistent that members don’t know what to expect
  • Members make all the payments, give us their entire paycheck, come back in and we say NO!
  • Employees are more focused on how “others” get paid than they are with how the credit union is getting paid
  • Members call us “Their Credit Union” and we turn our back on them
  • Many members are in real trouble and don’t know where else to go

We will teach your employees how to deal with members who really need help; how not to send them away more frustrated than they were when they came in. We have a new decision making process that is called: QUALIFICATIONS FIRST – SCORE LAST We will review the new decision making process in detail during the webinar. WE GUARENTEE YOU THAT YOU WILL MAKE MORE LOANS OR WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY BACK!

  • We’re going to teach your employees to take risk the right way
  • We will show you how to reward those employees willing to take risk by measuring their contributions to the bottom line
  • We will show you how to avoid getting written up by the examiners for taking risk
  • Employees will not have to worry about losing their jobs because they are taking risk IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE R.O.A. OF 2% TO 3% – WHY KEEP STRUGGLING TO MAKE 1%???