Webinar 14: Motivating, Mentoring, and Making it Happen – Sales Training For Your Member Contact Employees

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 – 12:00

Randy Mims presents the foundation to sell your products to your membership is the service skills of your employees. If your foundation is weak, your sales opportunities may slip through the cracks. Randy will cover topics such as: How to bring the employees’ focus to be the same as the members’ focus Understanding and evaluating members’ needs Why we should always be asking for the members’ business How to help your front-line employees understand your corporate objectives How the lost “art of listening” has to be revived Bringing the “Saturn experience” to your credit union How to overcome objections This webinar will also incorporate a mystery shop call to show your staff the importance of service and how a lack of service will not create member loyalty. When it comes to training your frontline employees, Randy Mims is the expert. The loan revenue your frontline employees will earn your credit union after attending this webinar will more than pay for the cost of the training. Unless your credit union does not need additional loan revenue, you cannot afford to have your employees miss this training! “Randy Mims has proven in his own credit union that the sales techniques he teaches will work. Randy can and will motivate your employees to reach new heights! This is a must see seminar if you are serious about growing loans.” A. Rex Johnson, Founder