Webinar 24: Focus on the Future – Lending & Collecting Today for a Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 – 12:45

Credit unions MUST rethink strategies on both the loan and collection side of business to maintain a competitive advantage for the remainder of 2010 and beyond. Strategies that may not have been successful in the past, may not prove to be the best approach today in order to remain viable in this unprecedented and highly volatile marketplace today. While some financial institutions are struggling to survive, conditions are ideal for credit unions to gain members, increase loans and loan yield, while finding a solution to reduce delinquency. We have dozens of credit union clients doing just that with some of the tools, techniques and services that Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc. and Lending Solutions, Inc. provide. Collections: – Delinquency survival strategies for 2010 & beyond – Is your collections department positioned for change? – Improving collection performance in a changing economy Lending: – Tools to help credit unions compete in 2010 and beyond – Breaking down lending barriers – Strategies to “Building Loans” that minimize risk “Ed and Karin both have a wealth of knowledge and over 25-year track records, ten of which were spent with me at Baxter Credit Union. They understand the business and have first-hand expertise in their respective fields. You will be delighted with their webinar, we guarantee it!” Rex Johnson, LSCI Founder

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