Webinar 29: The Nuts and Bolts of Credit Reports

Thursday, August 25, 2011 – 12:45

Our members are more than just a FICO score. Every one of your employees who deal with members need to understand the details of a credit report…from underwriters who approve loans, member service representatives who originate accounts, on down to call center employees who assist members with their questions. Even your collectors need to know how to interpret a credit profile. The reality is that there are only 5 factors that go into what makes up a credit score—and 2 of the factos make up 65% of that score. Some of the Topics Webinar 29 Will Focus On: – Determining the direction of the score – Is it on the way up or down? – Understanding the codes on the report – The importance of the last 24 months of history – Calculating interest rates based upon the information on the credit report – Analyzing when a member has ‘inflated income’ – Using the credit report as an ‘opportunity sheet’ to bring in additional business – Identifying escalating debt patterns – Utilizing score enhancement techniques to help members increase their credit score “Webinar 29 will teach all of your employees…not just lenders, the importance of effectively reading and interpreting a credit report. Join us as we illustrate the requisite skills to maintain the confidence to analyze a credit report and effectively explain to your members the date on the report.” Ed Swanson, LSCI Vice President/Consultant