Webinar 3: Decision-Making: A Lost Art by Rex Johnson

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 – 16:15

Decision making is critical if you are going to be successful in lending. Webinar 3 will cover the following: 1. Organization Structure – Should you be centralized, decentralized, or both? 2. Processing – How to simplify or speed up the process 3. Bankruptcy – 5 million filings in the past 3 years, why it may represent an incredible lending opportunity for your credit union 4. Turndowns – Credit unions are rejecting thousands of dollars in gains each year without ever talking to the members. It is time to take a new approach! 5. E Paper Loans – Many are saying “no” to income they desperately need. Sub-prime lenders are taking full advantage of credit unions unwillingness to take risk. It is time to start making E paper loans and we will show you how 6. Indirect Lending – It may not be the answer to your need to make loans and could substantially drive up your charge offs. Rex Johnson will open your eyes to the need to focus more on decision making and how failing to do so can cost you millions. Use this to train tall of your employees and Board members.