Webinar 32: "Indirect Lending – Drive Home Profits" by Ed Swanson

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 – 12:30

Although credit unions have earned a reputation over the years as the place to turn for a quality auto loan, the industry has a long way to go to grab its fair share of new and used auto financing in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Establishing and growing an Indirect Lending Program is one way to increase auto lending value but even veteran lenders caution that it requires extreme care and ongoing vigilance. Webinar 32 will discuss the advantages and difficulties before offering a successful Indirect Lending Program or mastering the program already in place at your Credit Union. What We Will Discuss: – Why would Credit Unions get into Indirect Lending – Developing a Successful Program – The Inherent Risks of Indirect Lending – Turning Indirect Members into Full Service Members – Keys to Learn for Your Indirect Program “Ed Swanson has a very strong background in Indirect Lending. His experience will help you in knowing when and how to take risk. He can certainly help build your Indirect Program and show you the importance of dealer relationships and how to not take them for granted. Ed has worked at several billion dollar credit unions that all had extremely strong Indirect Programs.” Rex Johnson LSCI Founder

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