Webinar 33: Credit Cards: The Untapped Resource to Building Your Loan Portfolio

Monday, September 17, 2012 – 12:30

It has never been more important to grow your credit card portfolio. Why? The spread between investments and loans is shrinking. Financial institutions are pricing themselves out of profitability to simply gain car loan business. The key to your profitability lies in building and maintaining an attractive loan yield. Your highest yielding products are credit cards and signature loans. Why is this product so hard to grow? Approving a credit card can be challenging without the confidence that is gained from the proper training and tools being provided to your lenders. This webinar will jump start your credit card portfolio by providing the tools to make sound decisions that will result in approving and closing more credit cards than you thought possible. This Webinar Will Cover: – How to make a credit card approval you’re confident in – How much credit is too much – How capacity plays an important role – How age can change your expectations Don’t wait to learn how critical credit cards are in bulding a high yield lending strategy and how they can fit in your sales culture from your teller through your call center. We guaruntee you will make better decisions and close more business!