Webinar 43: Cross-Selling Strategies to Build Member Loyalty and Embracing a "Pairs Great With…" Strategy

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 – 13:00

Many credit unions struggle with attracting new members and retaining them.  Cross-selling is one of a credit union’s most powerful and efficient revenue-boosting tools. Yet, many credit unions do not do it effectively. Webinar 43 will show you how to create more value by avoiding the ‘one and done scenario’ and capitalizing on other sales opportunities such as:

  • GAP & MBI Insurance – Can your staff tell member’s highest claims paid out in the last 30 days?
  • Effective sales tools including score enhancement & preservation strategies
  • Sharing how your product is better than the competition
  • Overcoming objections including the “too busy” &“I don’t want to be too aggressive” excuses
  • Engaging & targeting members effectively through cross-selling

GAP Insurance

On average, new cars depreciate 25% off the lot & it takes 75% of the term to not be upside down.

Newer cars are loaded with technology & mini computers making our lives easier.  When these break, repairs can be astronomical.

Credit Cards & Debt Consolidation
While you are here, lets boost your credit score and cut the interest you are paying to others.  We’ll pay off revolving debt and convert your debt to us.

“Credit unions must learn to showcase products that complement the member’s purchase as effective as shopping websites.  Attend my webinar to learn about the essential strategies you need to know to build a cross-selling program at your credit union.”
-Ed Swanson

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Webinar Archive
Can’t attend the webinar live?  Webinar 43 will be available on 12/17 via archive & registered attendees will have unlimited access!