Webinar 5: Loan Interviewing & Sales Skills by Brett Christensen

Friday, April 22, 2005 – 16:15

Have your loan interviewers become robots? If your answer is “YES,” Webinar 5 is for you! You Will Learn How to: -Tailor the interview and sales effort to the risk of the member in front of them -Ask the member questions that will result in better cross selling results -‘Steal’ loans from the competition -Know the ‘million-dollar secret’ that all great sales people know and use -Be positive in the loan interview when you have a member with bad credit applying -Explain higher loan rates to C, D and E-paper members -Build a performing higher-risk loan in the interview -Get the commitments from the higher-risk borrower that will result in a loan that can be approved -Turn a C, D and E-paper member’s unrealistic loan request into a loan that can be safely approved -Deliver a ‘firm close’ to higher-risk borrowers -Appropriate secured and unsecured loan amounts for the different tiers of credit