Webinar 7: Sales & Incentives by Randy Mims

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 – 16:15

The question always comes up…”How do I implement a sales culture in my credit union?” The good news is that it’s not too late. The bad news is unfortunately, the rest of our industry has passed us by….relegating us to “A McDonald’s Syndrome”. We are merely taking member’s orders, rather than fulfilling their needs. This is why members are doing business with competitors. THEY are asking for their business! So where do we start? Just because you give an employee their annual performance review, you are not holding them accountable! You are setting expectations….the problem is that those expectations are not tangible and are bringing your star performers down to the level of the mediocre employee. Not vice versa. Do your officers know what is expected of them? Randy will cover topics such as:

  • Types of individuals to look for when hiring
  • Why we should have managers as coaches and mentors
  • Explaining the difference in incentive plans and a pay for performance plan
  • How (and why) to set reasonable expectations for all employees
  • Why credit unions are in the situation we’re in (playing catch up)
  • Why we are experiencing the “HR crunch”
  • How to become proactive in our approach rather than continue being reactive