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About HYLS

LSCI’s High Yield Lending Strategy (HYLS) is an automated, online underwriting guide that allows loan officers to build more loans with greater confidence. Loan officers can conduct a better loan interview and produce a more accurate assessment of risk with the support of HYLS. HYLS helps loan officers make tough decisions more clear cut, and most importantly, it ensures members are not being unnecessarily turned down.

Credit Unions that use HYLS outperform their peers in nearly every key metric including loan growth, average yield, and ROA.

  • Top positive and negative reasons to support your loan decision
  • Potential bankruptcy indicators
  • Loans that require additional work or collateral

LSCI will work with your credit union by integrating HYLS seamlessly into your current Loan Origination System (LOS). Benefits:

  • Automated population of scorecard questions
  • Save time by eliminating manual input of data
  • The HYLS scorecard is integrated into your workflow

As the economy changes, we continually update HYLS to make it faster and more user friendly. Rex has created a new feature – HYLS Indirect. This latest option adds focus to the purchase order along with the loan application and credit report. This will create more confidence in loans when we are depending on the dealer to gather the information. The positive and negative factors on the HYLS scorecard will assist lenders in identifying concerns or opportunities to build loans. If a current user of HYLS and would like to have this feature turned on, please email us at for the request.

We welcome all credit unions to take advantage of our 2-week FREE trial and see how easy it is to develop loans even further.  We suggest putting turndowns, recently charged off loans, or bankrupt loans through HYLS, to see  how The Guide may have saved your credit union from making a mistake or how a turndown could have turned into a loan.

Without minimums, set up fees, or maintenance fees, HYLS is affordable for both large and small credit unions alike. When HYLS saves a credit union one charged-off loan, it can easily pay for a year of HYLS!

$1 per scorecard – Rate for website members AND an LSI relationship
$1.25 per scorecard – Rate for website members OR an LSCI relationship 
$1.50 per scorecard – Rate without a current LSCI relationship

Free Trial and Results Analysis

Contact us today for a free trial today, and we’ll include a complimentary results analysis!

Experience HYLS Free for 2 Weeks

Here’s how:

1. Click on the ‘HYLS Underwriting Guide Calculator’ in the top right-hand corner of our website or visit: This Link

2. The HYLS Underwriting Guide homepage will appear. Click ‘New User’ & continue.

3. Enter your credit union’s Charter Number – Please email if you do not know your Charter Number. Fill in the contact information and agree to the Terms of Use.

4. Create your own passwords (Note: One password will allow access to the guide and the second password will be used for the Administrative Reporting)

5. The login will appear. Enter your Charter Number and password.

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