Vantage Score Training

Thinking about switching or recently switched your scoring model? 

Lending Solutions Consulting Inc. is here to help! Our score code experts will train your team on:

  • What trended data is and how it will forever change how you underwrite
  • New enhanced score codes that have a memory attached
  • Understanding what order newer score codes should be in
  • Learn what the “not enough over time” score codes mean and how they will be your best resource for decision making going forward

This onsite training provides the tools to educate your staff on the score codes that helps underwriters understand the trended data that the new scoring model provides.  Coupled with live underwriting training to put all the training to work.  Frontline training educates your staff on how to talk to the members to help them rapidly increase their score. 

If you have recently switched or are planning on switching scoring models and have not yet trained your staff, you may be missing the opportunity to move forward. Don’t let your staff take a step backwards! Get them trained today!