Bob Schroeder, Executive Vice President / Consultant of LSCI, has 30+ year experience in collections and lending.  Bob specializes in improving the financial performance of LSCI client credit unions.  Prior to LSCI, Bob spent 11 years with two of the largest credit unions in the country, rising to the level of Vice President of Credit.  A CEO of a community credit union for 21 years, the credit union experienced a period of rapid growth and strong earnings under Bob’s leadership. 

Bob received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Northern Illinois University and in 2005 was the recipient of a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from NIU for his work in financial services.  For more information or to schedule a consulting visit with Bob, contact Scot Vackar at 877-915-7675 x70, visit the Contact Us Page, or call Bob directly at 815-761-0135.

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