Lorrie Wohlfeil, a graduate of University of Kansas, began her career serving credit unions in 1995.  Her passion for serving the underserved was instilled by her father, Rex Johnson, the founder of LSCI.  As Lorrie continues carrying on her father’s legacy, her mission is to keep fighting for the underdog. She firmly believes everyone deserves a second chance and that a better day is ahead.  Her training concepts center on this belief and are instilled in her clients, from hands on training with emloyees and members in a live environment,  to classroom training using real time examples from the credit union.  Her passion is educating members on how to have strong credit scores and budgets to enhance their financial health. She has seen first hand how enhancing a credit score gives someone a pay raise and helps with their quality of life.  Being her father’s daughter, she prides herself and is most passionate about understanding components of FICO and the score codes as well as how to cross-sell products in a live environment.  In addition, Lorrie enjoys working with your high contact members in your call center and teller line.  She believes every member interaction can be a loan and an opportunity to help someone.  

To get in touch with Lorrie please call 877-915-7675 or visit our Contact Us page and click on the appropriate check box.

Fun Facts About Lorrie: